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Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for developing and administering a Code of Student Conduct that supports the College's values, goals, and priorities. 蜜月直播 is committed to providing an environment that promotes academic learning, institutional and personal integrity, justice, and equality. The College considers all Marist students as partners in the responsibility of creating and maintaining that environment.

Utilizing an educational philosophy, the process informs students of their responsibilities as members of the community, involves students, faculty and staff in administering the student conduct process, and assists all members of the campus community to live and learn in an environment that is orderly, peaceful, and supportive of individual growth and development.


蜜月直播 is an institution of higher learning where growth and development are fostered, excellence pursued, and the highest standards of integrity are expected in all areas of life. The College is committed to providing an environment where persons are safe, property is secure, the individual rights of all persons are respected and education of the highest quality is achieved.

The College's Code of Student Conduct outlines the behavior that is expected of all students at Marist. Having voluntarily enrolled at Marist, all students have entered into an agreement to be aware of and abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the Code of Student Conduct. Each student is responsible to conform their conduct to the requirements of this Code and applicable federal, state and local laws.

Violations of the Code of Student Conduct will be adjudicated by the College's Student Conduct System, which is designed to reflect and to support the educational mission of the institution and to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals charged with or victimized by student misconduct.

Marist considers its Code of Student Conduct as minimal expectations and seeks to foster a commitment to the highest standards of ethical behavior by the coherent, consistent and fair manner in which it enforces its rules and regulations. The College views its judicial process as a learning experience that is intended to result in the growth and personal understanding of individual responsibilities on the part of all parties.

Regardless of the means by which discipline is processed, the ends remain the same: to redirect the behavior of the student into acceptable patterns and to protect the rights of the community. The question becomes one of choosing the most effective means of maintaining conduct that is acceptable for an academic environment. While Marist typically does not have a large number of Hearings, faculty and staff involvement provides for increased involvement from the entire campus community.

As a final word, there is no substitute for fairness, objectivity, and good judgment. The success of a student is contingent upon the conviction of College community members to maintain a nurturing, academic environment while affording individual students maximum personal freedom within institutional guidelines.